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Producers of cereals, beans, coffee, snacks… have a direct contact in Spain for both machinery and spare parts and technical service. In this way, attention to companies which work with this kind of products is improved.

Tecnoservei is the Spanish agent for Delta Technology since January 2017. Delta Technology is a leader manufacturer of color sorters. With headquarters in Texas (United States) and Guatemala, Delta produces color sorters for over 40 years. The company commits a growth strategy in Europe.

Its color sorters are useful for granulated bulk product and for dried product, such as almonds (with skin or not), coffee, dehydrated vegetables, wheat/barley/oat grains, peanuts, rice, seeds, etc.

Some of the applications of Delta machines, depending on the model and product, are the following:

  • Foreing material.
  • Color defects.
  • Skin-on defects.
  • Other unwanted impurities.
  • Etc.

The direct contact of Delta in Spain, since January 2017, is Tecnoservei.