Both companies have signed a collaboration agreement for the sale of machinery and technical service coverage to all customers with VDL Packaging equipment in Spain.
The Dutch company, well known for its UVA equipment, has recently changed its commercial name, acquiring that of the VDL group to which it belongs.

VDL Packaging has positively valued Tecnoservei’s wide portfolio in process and packaging solutions. In synergy with its engineering department, it considers that Tecnoservei has the necessary technical experience to make any project a success.
The installation and maintenance of the equipment, together with the supervision and work of the Tecnoservei technical team will ensure the success of each project.
The portfolio of solutions from Tecnoservei is made up of products from leading international companies and they complement this with bespoke designs to offer the optimal solution for each project.

For over 50 years VDL Packaging has been a progressive company and technological leader in the market, followed by many VFFS manufactures!

The first company with flat bottom bags, the first company with servo technology and today with the widest portfolio of vertical packaging solutions available in the market. Innovation is the strength of VDL Packaging and, coupled with our ability to rise to technological challenges through listening carefully to our customers, VDL Packaging is delivering reliable systems and solutions ensuring our customers to stay one step ahead in their packaging concepts.These characteristics have led to extraordinary success with many clients, both from small businesses on a tight budget and from large multinational organizations around the world.

VDL Packaging and Tecnoservei are looking forward in creating a strong and successful collaboration.

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