Wolf form, fill and seal machines are in operation around the worls for more tan 25 years in food and non-food sectors. Specialized in vertical packaging machines, they all can be integrated with the rest of necessary equipment.

More than 2.000 Wolf packaging machines and packaging lines were installed around the world since 1988. Wolf packaging machines and equipment offer a higher productivity on a small footprint, as well as a high availability over a long life cycle.

Wolf packaging mainly pack products from the food (also deep-frozen products), chemicals, animal feed, detergent, toys and small chunky nonfood parts sector.

The headquarters is located in Germany. Wolf also has 2 factories (1 in Germany and 1 in China), 5 offices in Asia and 1 in United States. It also has a competent, experienced an reliable agency  offices and partners in many countries as Spain.

The result of the agreement between Tecnoservei and Wolf will improve the presence in Spain and will offer a better attention and a deal more close to its Spanish customers.